5 Steps to Improve Challenging Behavior

Even if there are daily battles, meltdowns and defiance!


Jennifer Bashant, Ph.D., LMSW,

started Building Better Futures in 2014 because she has a passion for working with parents dealing with challenging behavior. She has personal experience raising a child with challenging behavior, which has developed within her a deep compassion for other parents. She has been there herself, and she understands the stress, worry and daily struggles. 

In addition to her personal experience, Jennifer is also a licensed social worker with experience in a variety of clinical settings. She shares her knowledge and expertise in a way that is practical, relevant and non-judgmental. Jennifer is a national speaker on the topics of mental health in schools, trauma, challenging behavior and mindfulness.

In addition to coaching parents, she works as an educational consultant in New York State, where she provides training and coaching to educators regarding the most behaviorally challenging students. Her approach is trauma-sensitive and strengths-based, and she seeks to foster collaborative relationships between adults and children as they work together as partners in learning.

Monthly Contributor on TheTeenMentor.com
In This Webinar, You Will Learn How To:
  • Shift Your Mindset - Think differently about challenging behavior and why rewards and consequences are not working.
  • Improve the Relationship - Restore a trusting, supportive, fun-loving relationship.
  • See Beyond the Behavior -  Feel confident about how to respond to behaviors, and learn to remain calm in moments of frustration. 
  • Use a Different Lens - See problems through the child's point of view, and decrease arguing, talking back and defensiveness that occurs when children don't feel understood.
  • Collaborative Conversations - Learn 4 powerful tools for effectively communicating with your child. Work through problems in a systematic way so that the solution is acceptable to all involved.
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